possum with flowers - it's called trash can not trash can't iphone case

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possum with flowers - it's called trash can not trash can't iphone case

possum with flowers - it's called trash can not trash can't iphone case

A feature phone equipped with the 205 chipset and the chipset itself. Smartphones are still on the rise around the world. But in emerging markets such as India, Vietnam and South Africa, about half of all phones in use are feature phones, according to a 2016 report by IDC. At the same time, demand for 4G is climbing and emerging markets are building out the infrastructure needed for 4G networks. The same IDC study predicts that by 2020, 80 percent of all phones will be 4G-compatible. With the 205 chipset, feature phones can get much faster internet than before. And while they're not the most capable devices around, faster internet speeds will allow these handsets to browse social media, upload photos, load news sites and stream video and live sports.

You can expect phones carrying the Qualcomm 205 platform in the next few months, So far, the company has partnered with manufacturers such as Megafone, Nubia and HiPad to make 4G feature phones, Qualcomm did not reveal any upcoming phones in the US that will feature this chipset, Qualcomm's latest 205 chipset allows the simplest phones to enjoy possum with flowers - it's called trash can not trash can't iphone case fast data speeds, Thanks to the Nokia 3310 reboot, what's old is new again -- especially when it comes to retro technology that makes us remember the good old days, But while it's fun to wax nostalgic about feature phones and how they're durable, easy to use and last days without a charge, no one wants the sluggish data speeds that came with the devices..

Though LTE-enabled feature phones do exist, like the Kyocera DuraXE and Sonim XP5, they're niche devices that are rare and oftentimes rugged. US chip maker Qualcomm, however, recently announced its 205 chipset, that'll allow more feature phones (aka "dumb" phones that don't have a touchscreen, GPS or an app store) to achieve LTE speeds. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

I heard, you see, that some Canadians were complaining that they were asking Siri to find them prostitutes and she was sending them to an eSports bar, As the Toronto Star reports, Alvin Acyapan, co-owner of Toronto's Meltdown eSports Bar says he kept getting mysterious phone calls late last year, One finally possum with flowers - it's called trash can not trash can't iphone case told him he had asked Siri for "prostitutes" and the bar's number was the one Siri offered, Acyapan theorized that Siri confuses "escorts" with "eSports", This is easily done, of course, So I thought I'd try a variety of questions to see how Siri would answer me, Purely in the spirit of research, you understand..

First: "Siri, I need the nearest prostitutes."Siri's reply: "The AFK Gamer Lounge." This is, she helpfully explained, 49 miles from my house. Which seems not only awkward, but painfully inaccurate with respect to my actual question. So I tried: "Siri, I need the nearest escort service." Siri came back with the AFK Gamer Lounge. This was odd. I sank to more colloquial vernacular with the same essential question. Still, Siri recommended the AFK Gamer Lounge all over again. I should add that the AFK Gamer Lounge is a perfectly respectable establishment in San Jose, California. It enjoys a 4.6 star rating on Facebook and a 3.3-star rating on Yelp.

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