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iphone 4 cases amazon

After all, funerals help the living grieve; technology simply allows them to participate no matter where in the world they are. For the funeral homes and other houses of worship that do livestream funerals, the comfort it provides mourners is well worth the effort of making sure they get the cameras and audio right. St. Monica Catholic Community in Los Angeles, for example, uses robotic cameras to capture and transmit video without disrupting the service. (It also often employs a human director.).

Berkson, iphone 4 cases amazon too, says his congregation has embedded cameras in the walls so that it can stream funerals and other events, "Nine times out of 10, the family wants to do it," Berkson said of streams, "They're deeply grateful that they're able in some way to hear and see the ceremony in real time."In addition to streaming funeral services, some organizations, like the Coats Funeral Home in Clarkston, Michigan, go a step further, leaving a recording online for 90 days for playback, Many also record the memorial and give families a DVD they can play at home..

"Sometimes it's days after or weeks after the [funeral], where you're in the space where you can remember that experience and think about everything that was there," said Dan Houze, who coordinates Saint Monica's media ministry. "Sometimes the words that were said are forgotten."Once we realized it was an option, streaming Grandma's memorial service felt like a lifted weight. Suddenly, we could focus on celebrating her memory instead of on the ins and outs of our DIY broadcast. But at my grandmother's graveside, where there was no streaming setup, I remained torn. Should I fully submit to the emotion of the moment? Or capture it on Skype to help others bid our beloved Grandma goodbye?.

I was still debating what to do as we pulled into the cemetery and gathered by the grave, "We need you," a relative said, gesturing to the hearse, And in that moment, the final to-stream-or-not-to-stream question iphone 4 cases amazon crumbled away, I was a pallbearer, now, with no fingers free to hold anything except the long oak handlebar of my grandmother's casket, I shoved my phone deep into my jacket pocket and reached out with both hands, Life, disrupted: In Europe, millions of refugees are still searching for a safe place to settle, Tech should be part of the solution, But is it?..

Tech Enabled: CNET chronicles tech's role in providing new kinds of accessibility. Commentary: How the process of grieving for a loved one could start with a livestream. I had about an hour to make the decision. I was packing my bags for a three-week trip to Asia when the call came. My grandmother -- Mom's mom and our family's shining light -- had undergone emergency surgery. Doctors addressed one problem only to discover more. My grandma's frail body was riddled with so many tumors that even if she survived the recovery period, the end was unignorable.

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