mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive reviews

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mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive reviews

mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive reviews

Apple may not want you to email more than five photos at once, but plenty of third-party apps have no problem with it. Granted, in most cases you'll be sending a link rather than the actual photos, but that can actually work out better for the recipient(s): no mammoth email to download. If you're already using a cloud-storage app like Dropbox or OneDrive, that's your best bet for sharing large batches of photos. (Curiously, the Google Drive app for iOS offers no way to share a batch of photos.) Assuming the photos in question have already been uploaded (or backed up, if you use the service for that purpose), just select the ones you want to send, then use the app's "share" option.

This will generate a link that you can email to one or more recipients, Once received, clicking or tapping that link mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive reviews produces a web page where the photos can be viewed and downloaded, Free app Send Anywhere makes it easy to share large batches of photos, Select them, then tap the three dots and choose Share Link, You don't need a cloud-storage app to share this way, though, Send Anywhere for iOS is an example of a file-sharing app that uploads selected photos to temporary storage, then generates a link you can send to others, One key difference: accessing that link immediately downloads the photos; there's no preview option..

To use it, just tap your finger and drag it to select all the photos you want to share. Then, in the "selected" bar near the bottom, tap the three dots to access the action menu, then tap Share Link. That'll lead you to the iOS Share menu, where you can tap Mail. The newly created message will include the Send Anywhere link; now you just need to specify the recipient(s) and send it. Again, this is just one example. If you've found another app that makes batch photo-sharing easy, by all means name it in the comments.

Editors' note: This article was originally published on October 1, 2013, and has since been updated, Apple still won't let you send more than five pictures at a time, which can make for some serious sharing hassles, Here are some workarounds, For all the changes and improvements (some might say "improvements") iOS has delivered over the years, there's one curious limitation still imposed by Apple, If you want to email someone mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - olive reviews more than five photos, you can't, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

If having five icons in the dock just isn't your speed, add the Apps Button back with a long-press on the home screen and then tap Home screen settings > Apps Button > Show Apps Button. Keep in mind, adding the Apps Button back to the dock does not disable the ability to swipe up or down on a home screen to open the app drawer. Instead of the apps button, Samsung now uses a swipe up or down on any home screen to open the app drawer. In the app drawer, a horizontal swipe will cycle through pages of installed apps. A vertical swipe will take you back to the home screen.

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