iphone u plus case

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iphone u plus case

In an attempt to bring uniform app icons, Samsung has started adding frames to icons. While some may appreciate the way it looks, I suspect a lot of users would prefer app icons are left alone. Open Settings > Display > Icon frames and select icons only. When your device is locked and idle, the display will remain on in a low power state. The time, date, media controls and app notifications remain shown on the screen. However, you can edit and change its look -- or get rid of the feature altogether -- if you so desire.

Open Settings > Lock iphone u plus case screen and security > Always on Display, Here you can change the clock layout, add colors and picture backgrounds, as well as set a schedule when you want the feature to turn off, say when you're sleeping, FaceWidgets is a weird name, that much is clear, What isn't clear is what FaceWidgets are or do, These widgets are shown on the always-on display after you double-tap on the clock, You can then scroll through each FaceWidget to control music playback, view your schedule and upcoming alarms..

The last two widgets are turned off by default, but can be turned on by going to Settings > Lock screen and security > Information and FaceWidgets > FaceWidgets. Left: Full screen mode enabled. Right: Full screen mode turned off. Due to the S8's taller display and the need for app developers to make a few changes to take advantage of the full screen, Samsung has included an option to force apps to use either the entire display or remain at the standard size. Adjust your preference for each app in Settings > Display > Full screen apps.

A list of all apps installed on your device will appear with a switch to enable or disable full screen for each one, When forcing apps to use full screen, keep in mind that some apps won't launch if this option is enabled (Dark Sky is one I found to have issues when full screen is enabled), If you're like me and find yourself iphone u plus case triggering Samsung Pay when taking your phone out of your pocket, you will be happy to hear you can change when the shortcut to your payment cards is active, Open Samsung Pay and tap the three-dot menu button, followed by Settings > Use Favorite Cards..

A hidden feature that's sure to catch on fast is the option to turn the fingerprint sensor into a trackpad. A gesture down on the sensor reveals the notification shade, and a swipe up will launch Samsung Pay when you're viewing the home screen. To enable either gesture, open Settings > Advanced features > Finger sensor gestures. For all Android Nougat devices, a long-press on the recent apps button should trigger multi-window mode. Samsung has disabled the feature by default, but it takes two seconds to turn on.

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