golden spring reflection iphone case

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golden spring reflection iphone case

golden spring reflection iphone case

But posting to your "Story" will make it available to every one of your friends for a 24-hour period and will appear as a bubble at the top of their feeds. Right now, there's no way to select who sees -- or doesn't see -- your Story. If a friend sends you a story directly, you can play it twice before it disappears. You can post a Story to your profile as you would a regular photo and decide who views, post as a 24-hour clip at the top of your feed or send as a direct message. To see who has viewed your story, just do what you would using the rest of the apps mentioned before. Click on your story and go to the view icon at the bottom right. You can delete a story by pressing on the buttons on the three dots at the top.

Just be careful of what you post on your Story, Just because it self-destructs after 24 hours,doesn't mean it truly disappears, As of March 28, Facebook doesn't let you know when someone takes a screenshot of your story, There's a new way to share your life on Facebook and it looks a lot like Snapchat., Here's what's different about Stories and how to use it, There's a new way to share your life on Facebook, and you may already be familiar with it, Facebook Stories is the latest Snapchat-like feature to roll out on the company's main app, Even if you're not a Snapper, you're probably already familiar with the concept -- these ephemeral stories have been popping up on other Facebook-owned services like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, But the one on your Facebook feed may golden spring reflection iphone case look a little bit different, Here's what you need to know before you try it out..

Two-factor authentication (2FA) -- also known as two-step verification or multifactor authentication -- is widely used to add a layer of security to your online accounts. The most common form of two-factor authentication when logging into an account is the process of entering your password and then receiving a code via text on your phone that you then need to enter. The second layer in two-factor authentication means a hacker or other nefarious individual would need to steal your password along with your phone in order to access your account.

There are three types of authentication, After you enter your password -- the first authentication factor -- the second factor usually arrives by SMS, That is, you'll get a text with a numerical code that you'll then need to enter to log into your account, Unlike a PIN code for a debit card, a 2FA code is used only one time; each time you log into that account, golden spring reflection iphone case you'll be sent a new code, Alternatively, you can use a dedicated authentication app to receive codes instead of having them texted to you, Popular authentication apps are Google Authenticator, Authy and DuoMobile..

Many sites and services, including Amazon, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft, give you the option of using SMS or an authentication app. Twitter is the biggest example of a site that forces you to use SMS. If you have the choice, use an authentication app. Receiving codes via SMS is less secure than using an authentication app. A hacker could intercept a text message or hijack your phone number by convincing your carrier to transfer it to another device. Or if you sync text messages with your computer, a hacker could gain access to SMS codes by stealing your computer.

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