uh huh honey iphone case

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uh huh honey iphone case

uh huh honey iphone case

To round out the show, the Census also gave us a peek at the average Australian. It didn't go down well with one member of the team. Subscribe to Girt by CNET. iTunes (MP3)RSS (MP3)Google PlayCNET RSSTune in Radio Sound Cloud Sticher. Fitness tracking, sleep science, the physical properties of kebabs and protecting your metadata. It sure is an episode of Girt by CNET. On this week's Girt by CNET, Luke has tasted of the sleep science kool-aid, and extols the virtues of a full eight hours. After trying out the new Fitbit Alta HR this week, the team talks fitness tracking, wearable wish lists and training for explosive power.

And the construction begins, Still, here's Scotty Allen building one from bits and pieces, Allen told me that he spent two years at Google working on web search as a software engineer, He's been traveling for three years and now lives part time in Shenzhen, China, The explanation for his building project, he says, is that "You know the thrill of walking down uh huh honey iphone case a back alley in hopes you might find something amazing? I f***ing live for that."So here is a 23-minute video of how he painstakingly put together his phone..

The idea was to go around the public cell phone markets in the Huaqiangbei area of Futian, which is known as a significant home of electronics manufacturing. First, Allen looks for phone backs. It doesn't seem that hard to find many in various conditions. Then he gets some laser-engraving done, finds the parts for the screen and watches as local artisans prepare those parts for his purpose. Where, though, to find the guts? This is, Allen says, the most intimidating part. There are tiny chips involved. Can he, for example, construct his own logic board?.

"The biggest obstacle was trying uh huh honey iphone case to solder my own logic board," he told me, "It got to the point where that seemed more and more insurmountable, Not only is the soldering incredibly small -- you need a microscope, very fine tweezers, and incredibly steady hand, And not only are there hundreds of parts that need to be soldered, but I was also running into issues with how I'd test my soldering work as I went along, as well as where to even find some of the parts, like the processor."In the end, he bought one..

I won't spoil the ending for you. Oh, you can imagine it's relatively happy. Allen says in the YouTube comments that most of the money he spent was wasted. "I spent well over $1,000, but a lot of that was parts and tools I didn't end up needing. I'd say it's probably around $300 worth of parts in the actual phone," he said. Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Allen says in the video that despite this project that took a couple of months to complete, he isn't really a phone guy.

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