queen ii iphone case

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queen ii iphone case

queen ii iphone case

To access the app drawer on a Google Pixel, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. As you'll quickly discover, there's no longer a button dedicated to launching the app drawer. Instead, you're given a fifth spot on the bottom app dock in which to store your favorite apps. When in the app drawer, you'll find a few suggested apps just below a search bar specific to within the app drawer. Scroll up or down to view your apps, and then close the app drawer either by pressing the home button or swiping the drawer back down.

For those who don't really care to have apps suggested to you every time you open the app drawer, you can turn it off with just a few taps, Long-press queen ii iphone case on an empty area of your home screen and tap on the Settings icon, Slide the switch next to App suggestions to the Off position, then tap on Turn Off when prompted, Left: Google app access is turned off, Right: Google app is available with a swipe to the left on the homescreeen, By default, you can swipe to the right on your home screen to view your Google Now feed, If you never use this feature and would rather turn it off, you now can..

Long-press on an empty area of your home screen and tap on the Settings icon. In the settings screen, slide the switch next to Show Google app to the Off position. You can still access your Google feed by opening the Google app from the app drawer. Editors' note: This post was originally published on October 21, 2017, and has since been updated with new information. Your Pixel or Pixel XL has its own launcher, complete with some new tricks. If you're someone who has traditionally used Google's Nexus devices and the Nexus launcher, there are a few things you'll need to know about the new Pixel launcher. And for everyone else, well, it's a good idea to learn about your new phone, too.

But as soon as the trend seemed to be gaining traction, it ran out of steam, Google closed the lid on Ara and the G5's lackluster sales forced LG back into the mainstream, With Lenovo as the last man standing (along with the tenuous future of the only recently announced Essential Phone), we're left wondering if mix-and-match phones can ever pick up the same momentum again, As fun and useful as owning a modular phone would be though -- not to mention as optimistic Lenovo is about continuing its Moto Z series -- the concept won't be fully fleshed out anytime soon, From the complex technical hurdles to problems with ease of use, it'll be years, perhaps decades, before affordable, durable and portable hot-swappable handsets are available and gain widespread popularity, But until that day comes, consumers are channeling their inner Regina George and saying: stop trying queen ii iphone case to make modular phones happen..

Let's back up first. The modular phone dream has been around since the early aughts (think Handspring Visor and its "expansion slots"). People had been configuring and reconfiguring their desktop PCs to their liking for years, so applying the same concept to phones isn't a big jump. "At its most basic bit, people like to tinker," said mobile analyst and director for the Emerging Device Strategies Ken Hyers. "The idea of getting a product and improving it.. it's almost human nature to want to take it apart and improve it."The concept ramped up in the public eye with Phonebloks in 2013. The brainchild of Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, Phonebloks was a concept phone with hardware parts that could be separated in individual blocks. Its components snapped onto a main computer board, similar to Lego pieces.

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