pinky bowie 2 iphone case

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pinky bowie 2 iphone case

pinky bowie 2 iphone case

Unrelated to the new login features, Facebook also said it's giving software developers more access to data Facebook knows about local landmarks and businesses, including parks and restaurants. In all, software developers will get access to Facebook's photos, place addresses and consumer ratings on 140 million places around the world so they can create local features in their apps. For Facebook, it's crucial to woo software developers because it allows the company to extend its reach and advertising prowess.

CNET Magazine: Check out a sampling of the stories you'll pinky bowie 2 iphone case find in CNET's newsstand edition, right here, Life, disrupted: In Europe, millions of refugees are still searching for a safe place to settle, Tech should be part of the solution, But is it? CNET investigates, With updates to Facebook Login, the social network hopes to ease the hassle associated with forgotten passwords, Forgot your password for that app? Facebook wants to make it less painful for you to log in again, On Tuesday, the company announced a few new features for Facebook Login, which lets people log into apps automatically using their Facebook credentials instead of a new username and password, The company introduced the updates at F8, Facebook's annual developer conference in San Jose, California..

That's a pretty big hassle when you're looking to share a big batch of snapshots from a vacation, wedding, day at the beach or other photo-worthy occasion. Even more curious, Apple eliminated this restriction in iOS 9, then brought it back in iOS 10. You might think your only option is to send multiple five-photo emails -- a hassle at best -- but there are other, easier ways to work around this limitation. Normally, the email-photos process goes like this: fire up the Photos app, select from one to five pictures, tap the Share icon and then tap Mail.

However, if you select more than five photos, you'll no longer see Mail in the menu that appears, (Weirdly, Message is still there -- iOS doesn't impose this five-photo limitation for text messages.), iOS 10 won't let you email more than pinky bowie 2 iphone case five photos at a time, but you can tap Copy, then paste as many photos as you like into the body of an email, Solution? Tap Copy instead, Now head to the Mail app, compose a new message, then paste the contents of the clipboard (i.e., your photos) into the body, (For those unfamiliar with pasting, you first put your cursor into the body of the email, then do a long tap on that cursor until a pop-up menu appears, Tap Paste and you're done!)..

The downside to this method is that the recipient may get an email with all your photos embedded in the message rather than attached as files, which can make them more challenging to extract/save. (It depends on the recipient's mail client.). AirDrop is a great option for "emailing" photos to other iOS users, as long as they're in close proximity. Apple's often-overlooked file-sharing tool works well for sharing photos, but there are a couple caveats. First, you have to be in physical proximity to the recipient(s) -- this isn't a long-distance solution. But that's fine when you're with a group and everyone says, "Hey, send me those photos!"Second, AirDrop works only with other iOS users; you'll have to find another method of sharing with your Android friends.

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