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iphone case mous

I do, however, like the Pixel's interface slightly better than LG's custom software, called UX 6.0. I prefer the way Google designed details like the icons, dialer and menus. Still, any grievances about the G6's look and feel aren't anything a third-party launcher and icon pack can't resolve. One thing to remember, though, is that the Pixel is on tap to receive major software updates as soon as Google's ready to roll them out. If you purchase the G6 from a carrier, that can also add more delays to updates.

The G6 is priced lower than the Pixel across different carriers and markets, While both the G6 and Pixel are high-end, premium phones, LG's phone is consistently less expensive, even when you iphone case mous factor in different countries and carriers, In the US, the priciest G6 is on AT&T, and that still comes in about $50 cheaper than the Pixel (32 GB), In the UK there's about a £70 difference and you can save about AU$260 with the G6 in Australia, The Pixel's price gets even steeper if you spring for the 128 GB version, whereas the G6 has expandable memory and you can increase its storage up to 2 TB via a microSD card..

Ultimately, a lot of what makes a phone "better" than the other depends on you, the buyer. Deciding on the G6 or the Pixel hinges on your budget and your priorities. Maybe you'd rather take better photos than have a waterproof phone. Or maybe saving extra dough leaves you with enough to purchase something else you're eyeing. LG and Google did a great job with both handsets, and the G6 and Pixel are top-notch. Whichever way you go, you'll be satisfied. The thing is to know which features are most important to you.

Don't want the Galaxy S8, but can't decide between LG and Google's phones? We'll iphone case mous help, For whatever reason, maybe Samsung's new Galaxy S8 isn't doing it for you, Luckily, there are other great large-screen Androids to consider, like LG's beautifully designed G6 and Google's impressive Pixel XL, They're both great devices, but the G6 and Pixel XL have different strengths, To help decide which one is right for you, I evaluated how they compared in design, camera, performance, features and value, Read on to find out more...

See more from CNET Magazine. But that's changed over the last five years: The latest batch of solar-charging gear is significantly improved and more affordable. I've tested products from BioLite, Goal Zero, WakaWaka and others, and while most solar chargers won't power up your phone as fast as a wall outlet would, design and technology enhancements have cut charging times. More-efficient solar cells allow manufacturers to cram more wafers (those thin slices of semiconductor material made of crystalline silicon) into a smaller space, explained Norm Krantz, Goal Zero's vice president of product innovations. That in turn leads to smaller panels that can output more power.

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