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big w iphone case

But the Galaxy S8, which hit the market last week, should help Samsung's mobile business rebound in the second quarter. It also expects "robust memory performance" to help its overall results. Samsung's optimism for the full year is a little more shaky as phone "market competition is expected to intensify in the second half." Samsung didn't name Apple specifically, but that's likely the competition it's talking about. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, and Apple is expected to release dramatic updates in this year's device.

Samsung on Wednesday confirmed it will launch a new flagship smartphone in the second half of the year, which likely will be the successor to its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, It also said it will look to stay profitable through "robust sales" of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, as well as by launching new mid- to low-end phones and "streamlining" its lineup, This quarter marks the first results since Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets, though the phones hit the market too late to contribute to the period's financial results, Samsung needs those devices to help it win back mobile customers and regain their trust after it scrapped last year's Note 7 because of overheating problems, But even when mobile struggles, Samsung's overall financial have benefited from its booming operations big w iphone case building chips and displays for use in smartphones and other devices..

"These financial results .. show that Samsung is a well diversified industrial conglomerate and that the company, contrary to Apple, has managed to reduce its dependency on smartphones," Forrester analyst Thomas Husson said. The results come as Samsung tries to rebound from its Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The company in October killed its large-screen phone after two battery flaws caused the device to overheat. The debacle cost Samsung an estimated $17 billion in sales. It also cost Samsung the lead in the global smartphone market, with Apple leapfrogging it in the fourth quarter of 2016 to become the world's biggest smartphone vendor. (The last time Apple had held the lead was in 2014 when it introduced its first big-screen phones, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.).

Samsung's counting on its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, to win back mobile customers, The device largely has gotten good reviews, and Samsung said earlier this week that preorders for the S8 and the bigger S8 Plus were the "best ever," up 30 percent from last year's Galaxy S7 preorders, Since the Galaxy S8 didn't go on sale until April, it's not included in the first-quarter results, Samsung on Wednesday said revenue in its IT and mobile big w iphone case communications business -- which includes phone, as well as networking and other technology -- dropped 15 percent to 23.5 trillion won ($20.7 billion), In mobile alone, revenue dropped 17 percent..

The company said smartphone and tablet demand slid slightly because of "seasonal effects," but smartphone shipments slightly increased because of the new Galaxy A series and "solid sales" of mid- and low-end phones in emerging markets. In the second quarter, Samsung expects market demand for smartphones and tablets to remain flat, and it said its overall smartphone shipments should stay flat because of fewer sales of mid- and low-end phones. Still, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus should help boost revenue and profits sequentially.

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